Welcome to my Neocities!

My main professional site is located here. This is my fun site. Both have my poetry, but this site has my poetry in a fun little poem randomizer - go check it out!

I was inspired to start a Neocities by the web revival movement. If you are here, perhaps you are on Neocities as well. If so, please say hi and leave your link in my guestbook! Or if you found this page through my Linktree and you're new to Neocities, then I highly recommend you make your own Neocities and enjoy a slice of how the internet used to be! The process of learning css and html is, I'm sure, a rewarding one. I can't say I've learned it. I mostly just poke around at things and get excited when they don't break spectacularly.

The indie web is a rad place. You can explore even more by visiting Neocities.org and scrolling through the different websites, or clicking through the webrings I'm a part of.

Just don't forget to say hi in the guest book before you go!